The Public Service Broadcasting Trust   mobilises individuals in large numbers to participate in civil society, democracy and their local communities.  Using popular mass media PSBT appeals to people’s self interest and nudges them to take positive social action. PSBT’s projects include ITV Fixers which is working with over 4,000 young people in England and Save Yourself a Fortune, which successfully helped families save hundreds of pounds on their everyday household bills.

Thousands of people in the UK have been engaged in our projects, becoming part of a wider network of citizens whose actions have brought positive change to their own lives and the lives of those around them - ordinary people doing extraordinary things!



Friday 25th April, 2014
  • big fix finale


    Welcome to the Public Service Broadcasting Trust's website.

  • Fixers reaches the parts that others can’t!


    Young people outside of major cities in the…

  • Big Fix a Triumph

    PSBT's award-winning project, ITV Fixers, held a ground-breaking live event to celebrate its achievements in engaging 3,000 young people in projects to make a difference in local communities.

  • Innovation and engagement

    PSBT uses popular mass media to get people doing things for themselves and for others.

    The  Trust has an innovative approach to Social Action that puts people  first. We don’t have a single client group; we engage everyone in activities whi…

Fixers reaches the parts that others can’t!

  Young people outside of major cities in the UK have less access to social action opportunities than their inner-city co…read more

Big Coup for Small Charity at Big Fix Live!

"It's been really exciting, it's just an amazing opportunity and it's just so interesting to see how it all wor…read more

Fixers arrive in Wales!

A unique project which will help thousands of young people to ‘fix’ the issues they feel strongly about was official…read more